and performance analysis solution

What is First11?
First11 is a set of wearable sensors
worn during training and games,   accompanied by an app for performance analysis, tracking and visualisation.

What can First11 do?

First11 can already track:
- number of shots and passes made
- shots and passes with right and left foot
- strength of shots
- distance covered during games or training
- average and top running speed
- time spent walking, running, and sprinting

We are also hard at work adding new functionality such as:
- calories burnt
- weight distribution between feet
- and many more!

A uniquely wide array of software functionality gives access to advanced data analysis

Smartphone application for individual analysis available with pre-sale sensors

  • Visualization of all individual data from sensors
  • Ability to track progress
  • Comparison over time and with friends
  • Goal setting and tracking

Tablet application for team analysis - Coming soon for teams and coaches

  • Real time visualization of all individual and team data from wearable devices
  • Communication with player
  • Player or group comparison
  • Comparison over time